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Evo Tuning The Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution – aka Mitsubishi Evo – debuted in 1992 and has enjoyed a large and loyal following in the years since. Ten Mitsubishi Evo models and countless Evo tuning customized editions have been released over the years, with the Mitsubishi Evo XI diesel hybrid vehicle expected to launch in 2013.

The Mitsubishi Evo's powerful presence and cult-like following has created a large market for Mitsubishi Evo tuning products and services, with countless options available for customizing the Mitsubishi Evo with aftermarket upgrades and accessories.

A few of the most popular Mitsubishi Evo Tuning services and sites are Mach V Motorsports, the Mitsubishi Enthusiast Network, and Jestr Tuning.

Some Evo tuning services cater to the current edition of the Lancer Evo, the Mitsubishi Evo X, Mitsubishi Lancer Evo while others have kept their focus on earlier editions of the Evo, particularly Evo 8 / Evo VIII tuning and Evo 9 / Evo IX tuning services.

Evo tuning customizations can range from removing and raising the Rev and Speed limiters to adding launch control to build boost at the line. Other evo tuning products and services include modifying various engine components with Evo tuning aftermarket components (intake, exhaust, cams, fuel pumps, etc.), removing boost cut, remapping boost maps for increased boost pressures, removing boost tapering, and remapping fuel and timing curves.

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